The upcoming movie Aashayein starring handsome hunk John Abrahim,charges no money for working in the movie.Even the director of the movie Nagesh Kukonoor do not charge any kind of money for the making of the film.Aashayein is really full of “aashayein” from the very beginning uhh!!


Sources said that John and Nagesh think the movie is beyond economics. John remarks that “Aashayein is a serious movie.Aashayein is all about hope and expectations,so he hope to work for free in the movie”.

aasahyeinAashayein ia about a gambler Rahul Singh(John Abrahim) whose life took dramatic turn of events through which the fate and life finds new meaning. Source said, "the film’s story is very positive and very confident . The film was delayed in building even though John Abrahim and the whole team of Aashayein has not lost hope.Everybody was surprised from their pleasant and thoughtful approach."aashayein_   

The movie going to hit the theatres on August 27.

“Since money is not everything that matters,its the hope that we build in ourselves”!!!

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