Star Plus is now ready to telecast its yet another family drama with full of fun and masti from 23rd April.  Ek Doosre Se Karte Hain Pyaar Hum  is the new upcoming serial produced by Jamnadas Majethia & Aatish Kapadia on star plus replacing Sasural Genda Phool on Star Plus. The promos have already been showed on the TV for the Advertisement. The serial  Ek Doosre Se Karte Hain Pyaar Hum is about a Family and their crisply relationship with full of love for each other. Some of the main characters in the  serial includes Aditya Kapadia, Pariva Pranati, Khushbu Thakkar, Tanvi Thakkar, Vishal Gandhi, and Itishree Singh . Pariva Pranati who is playing the role of Daughter-in-law of Majumdar family was earlier seen on the show “Tujhko hai salam Zindagi” on Sony TV. Paravi is playing the role of Sushila and is playing the character of a women who gives priority to her heart more than mind.

Let’s have a look on the main characters:

Samyukta Mehta Majumdar
Shahswat Nikhilesh Majumdar
Sushila Binoy Majumdar


Nikhilesh Majumdar
Aniket Nikhilesh Majumdar                 
Aniket Nikhilesh Majumdar
Binoy Nikhilesh Majumdar


Binoy Nikhilesh Majumdar is the husband of Sushila Majumdar and is a business man by proffession in the serial. Binoy is playing the role of a really loving and caring husband who loves his wife inspite of the fact that she san’t bear children. Aniket is the brother-in-law of sushila and is gifted with the talent of writing and singing. Nikhilesh is the head of the family but behaves like a kid in the serial playing pranks on the family member and tottaly a humurous and full of life. Apart from his jolly nature he is very supportive and deals with troubles with relaxed attitude. Samyukta mehta is playing the role of a very caring and loving mother-in-law who has immense love for her daughter-in-law and treats her like, her own daughter.

Let’s now have a look on the promos of the chatpati lifestyle of Majumdar family:

Ek Doosre Se Karte Hain Pyaar Hum

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  1. hello!!!
    its an amazing soap… a must must watch one… n a sincere wish to be a part of it n if not atleast wish to meet the majumdar fly once thank u.

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