“2011” Cricket World Cup Schedule ,Venus , Date

world cup.1 “2011 world cup schedule” (Time table) India, This is the 10th Cricket World Cup, Australia being the four times winner of this grand championship. The world cup organized by ICC will be hosted by three South Asian countries- India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. With India having got the opportunity to organize one of the other grand sports events in 2010-The Commonwealth games, it would again be a feast for India to host yet another global sports event. ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 is all set to commence in full action from 19th February, 2011. A total of 49 matches will be played between 14 countries from around the world.The official schedule of Cricket World Cup 2011 along with their dates, timing and venue is given below.

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Cricket is seen as important sports all over the world and fans would be keen to know about its schedule. Here we have a treat for all those cricket fans that had been looking for this information.

Host cities of this most looked-for event-2011 cricket World cup are Kolkata, Colombo, New Delhi, Kandy, Ahmedabad, Chittagong, Chennai, Dhaka, Mumbai, Hambantota, Mohali, Nagpur and Bangalore. The Grand Finale of World Cup Cricket 2011 will take place in Wankhade Stadium, Mumbai. Mumbaikars watch out for this event!

The cricket World cup 2011 is definitely a much awaited event in the sports field for the whole world. As a matter of fact, as far as hosting was concerned, Pakistan was also chosen to co-host the grand event but in context of the terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan Cricket team in Lahore, the hosting rights of Pakistan were taken away. Infact, Pakistan was supposed to hold 14 matches, including a semi-final too

Interestingly, the Cricket World Cup 2011 has a 10-year elephant named ‘Stumpy’ as the official mascot. This baby elephant is a young enthusiast determined to win. The official mascot name was unveiled on 2nd April 2010. The prize money for this grand event would be US $4 million. The winner would be able to get home with this grand bonanza.


A: Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Canada, Kenya

B: India, South Africa, England, West Indies, Bangladesh, Ireland, Netherlands


ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Schedule:

Saturday, 19 Feb, 14:30 – Bangladesh v India, Dhaka

Sunday, 20 Feb, 9:30 – New Zealand v Kenya, Chennai world cup

Sunday, 20 Feb, 14:30 – Sri Lanka v Canada, Hambantota

Monday, 21 Feb, 14:30 – Australia v Zimbabwe, Ahmedabad

Tuesday, 22 Feb, 14:30 – England v Netherlands, Nagpur

Wednesday, 23 Feb, 14:30 – Pakistan v Kenya, Hambantota

Thursday, 24 Feb, 14:30 – South Africa v West Indies, New Delhi

Friday, 25 Feb, 14:30 – Australia v New Zealand, Nagpur

Friday, 25 Feb, 9:30 – Bangladesh v Ireland, Dhaka

Saturday, 26 Feb, 14:30 – Sri Lanka v Pakistan, Colombo

Sunday, 27 Feb, 14:30 – India v England, Kolkata

Monday, 28 Feb, 14:30 – West Indies v Netherlands, New Delhi

Monday, 28 Feb, 9:30 – Zimbabwe v Canada, Nagpur

Tuesday, 1 Mar, 14:30 – Sri Lanka v Kenya, Colombo

Wednesday, 2 Mar, 14:30 – England v Ireland, Bangalore

Thursday, 3 Mar, 9:30 – South Africa v Netherlands, Mohali

Thursday, 3 Mar, 14:30 – Pakistan v Canada, Colombo

Friday, 4 Mar, 9:30 – New Zealand v Zimbabwe, Ahmedabad

Friday, 4 Mar, 14:30 – Bangladesh v West Indies, Dhaka

Saturday, 5 Mar, 14:30 – Sri Lanka v Australia, Colombo

Sunday, 6 Mar, 14:30 – India v Ireland, Bangalore

Sunday, 6 Mar, 9:30 – England v South Africa, Chennai

Monday, 7 Mar, 14:30 – Kenya v Canada, New Delhi

Tuesday, 8 Mar, 14:30 – Pakistan v New Zealand, Pallekele

Wednesday, 9 Mar, 14:30 – India v Netherlands, New Delhi

Thursday, 10 Mar, 14:30 – Sri Lanka v Zimbabwe, Pallekele

Friday, 11 Mar, 9:30 – West Indies v Ireland, Mohali

Friday, 11 Mar, 14:30 – Bangladesh v England, Chittagong

Saturday, 12 Mar, 14:30 – India v South Africa, Nagpur

Sunday, 13 Mar, 9:30 – New Zealand v Canada, Mumbai

Sunday, 13 Mar, 14:30 – Australia v Kenya, Bangalore

Monday, 14 Mar, 14:30 – Pakistan v Zimbabwe, Pallekele

Monday, 14 Mar, 9:30 – Bangladesh v Netherlands, Chittagong

Tuesday, 15 Mar, 14:30 – South Africa v Ireland, Kolkata

Wednesday, 16 Mar, 14:30 – Australia v Canada, Bangalore

Thursday, 17 Mar, 14:30 – England v West Indies, Chennai

Friday, 18 Mar, 14:30 – Sri Lanka v New Zealand, Mumbai

Friday, 18 Mar, 9:30 – Ireland v Netherlands, Kolkata

Saturday, 19 Mar, 14:30 – Australia v Pakistan, Colombo

Saturday, 19 Mar, 9:30 – Bangladesh v South Africa, Dhaka

Sunday, 20 Mar, 9:30 – Zimbabwe v Kenya, Kolkata

Sunday, 20 Mar, 14:30 – India v West Indies, Chennai

Wednesday, 23 Mar, 14:30 – First quarter-final, Dhaka

Thursday, 24 Mar, 14:30 – Second quarter-final, Colombo

Friday, 25 Mar, 14:30 – Third quarter-final, Dhaka

Saturday, 26 Mar, 14:30 – Fourth quarter-final, Ahmedabad

Tuesday, 29 Mar – First semi-final, Colombo

Wednesday, 30 Mar – Second semi-final, Mohali

Saturday, 2 April – Final, Mumbai

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2 thoughts on ““2011” Cricket World Cup Schedule ,Venus , Date

  1. Bhuvan

    It is rocking tournament and india will again saw its pot.that it great venus in world……..we hve g8t tme!
    Hope team india will win dis!

  2. Ass

    India will trash away other teams and win it.That bastard aussies will not take it away.High on confidence after 6-1 victory but will not even survive here.They only won becoz of absence of few bowlers of english side who rattled OZ.


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