18 more helicopters By US for flood-relief to Pakistan

flood picturesUnited States announced that it will send 18 more helicopters to Pakistan as part of its on growing contribution to flood-relief efforts.

The aircraft, which will include 10 CH-47 Chinook and eight UH-60 Black  Hawk helicopters, will be sent for the flood relief campaign in Pakistan..

The unit will operate in partnership with the Pakistani military throughout flood-affected areas, the Pentagon said.

This is the latest in a series of deployments in response to Pakistan’s urgent request for flood-relief assistance.

Till now 15 military helicopters and 3 C-130 aircraft are there for flood-relief efforts in Pakistan.helicopter pictures

US have given more than two million pounds of humanitarian assistance supplies and rescued over 7,000 people from the flood, & still the US is delivering much-needed aid and providing transport to those who need assistance.

US has so far provided USD 150 million to support immediate relief tries and has allocated  more USD 50 million to help in re-habitation of communities effected by flood.

The floods in Pakistan have killed over 1,700 people and has affected more 20 million in Pakistan

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