12 Jyothirlinga temples-All shiv temple in India-Location of Shiv lingas-Jyotir Dham


There is an sanskrit shloka that lists the twelve jyotirlinga temples.

“Saurashtre Somanathamcha Srisaile Mallikarjunam|
Ujjayinya Mahakalam Omkaramamaleswaram ||
Paralyam Vaidyanathancha Dakinyam Bheema Shankaram |
Setu Bandhethu Ramesam, Nagesam Darukavane||
Varanasyantu Vishwesam Tryambakam Gautameethate|
Himalayetu Kedaaram, Ghrishnesamcha shivaalaye||
Etani jyotirlingani, Saayam Praatah Patennarah|
Sapta Janma Kritam pApam, Smaranena Vinashyati||”


Mahadev, the Lord incorporates in Himself, the aura and the holiness of all the twelve JyotirLingas. The grandeur of these places is unique. Devotees line up in great numbers to take a look and get a Darshan of all the JyotirLingas.

Location of the Jothirlinga temples

Two on the sea shore, three on river banks, four in the heights of the mountains and three in villages located in meadows; the twelve Jyotirlingas are spread out like this. Every place has been described in glorious words by many detailing the surroundings etc.

Those of us who go to these temples of Shubhankar Shankar- Jyoti-Sivasthan, receive the holy blessings of the Lord, and come back happy, peaceful and blessed. This in indeed depends on one’s devotion and experience too.

1 Somnath in Saurashtra (Kathiawad), Gujarat


2 Mallikarjun in Shrishailam or Srisailam AP (also listed as a Shakti Pitha site).


3 Mahakaleshwar in Ujjain OR Mahakalaswar at Ujjain, MP state.


4 Omkar in Mammaleshwaram (at Omkareshwar on the river Narmada, MP)


5 Vaijnath in Parli (Vaidyanath at Deogarh, Bihar)


6 Bhima Shankar in Dakini northwest of Poona, in Dhakini, Maharashtra


7 Rameshwaram in Setubandha, TamilNadu


8 Nagesh, Naganath/Nageshwar, in Darukavana, Maharaashtra


9 Vishweshwar/ Viswanath in Banaras/Varanasi , UP


10 Trimbakeshwar near Nasik on the banks of river Gautami/Godavari , Maharashtra



11 Kedarnath/Kedareshwar in Utterkhand Himalayas, UP


12 Ghurmeshwar in Shivalaya OR Grineshwar in Visalakam, near Ellora caves, Mah

One who recites these 12 names regularly in the morning and evening washes all the sins committed
in the previous 7 births and attains all the powers and Siddhis.


Twelve Jyotirlinga

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